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Delmon provides a large number of carpet types to sute all customer needs in qatar as:

  1. Hotels

  2. Companies & Office installation

  3. Carpets halls for weddings & events

  4. Shcool & Children carpet designs

  5. Carpets boards and halls, and festivals and events

  6. Carpets stadiums (grass) in its different forms

  7. Parquet

  8. Carpets for mosques accredited to the Endowment in Qatar

  9. Old carpet designs

  10. Flats & Villas


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We have installed an integrated team and cars up to anywhere within the State of Qatar at your service...

Featured projects

Delmon furniture has one of the largest carpet collections in Qatar which sutes all tasts & matches with every home design

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Various collections which sutes all:

Area types - decore designes - wall colors - curtains and pains.

Delmon also has a big team of profissionals which will help you chose the best type & design for your home or office.

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Delmon furniter provides all kinds of:

- Carpets, which suits all tastes and decors and wall colors, curtains and paints.

- Underlay (Chinese _ English (UK)_ Saudi Arabia)

- PVC (plastic) from one to eight MM to suit all applications in kitchens, offices, hotels, banks and gyms.