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Company Profile:

Delmon Furniture sells all kinds of carpets wholesale and retail. Our carpets are made of highest quality materials that stand the test of time with proper care. Our carpets are meticulously made with the finest threads to replicate the intricate designs created in the early years of rug weaving.


Our goal:

Is to maintain a dominant position in the market through excellence in products and service.

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High quality products:

We guarantee our products are free from defects and our aim is to serve our clients with utmost satisfaction. We offer wide range of carpets from simple to very intricate designs, available in a large scale of different colors....


Products List:

1) Mosque Mokets – Approved by Awqaf 2) Wood Parquet Flooring 3) All Kinds of carpets & Mokets 4) Wholesale & Imported Carpets

We have carpets from:

1) Iran 2) Turki 3) English 4) China